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Papouch specializes in custom development and production of electronic systems according to our customers’ requirements. We have been active in the area of the development and production of custom made electronics since our company was founded in 1990.
Do you manufacture or sell a device from which data is transmitted?
Do you need up-to-date and reliable electronic parts to increase the value of your device?
Do you want to incorporate your device into a data-collection system, and store the measured values in a database?
We are ready to develop a completely new device or adapt our existing device to meet your needs. Send us an e-mail or call us. We will try to offer you a solution exactly for your needs.

The following items characterise the outline of our activities:
Data collection and transmission in industry
Line and protocol conversion
Communication via RS232, RS485/422, USB, Ethernet, GPRS, LTE, WiFi…
Line switches and multiplexers
Measurement modules for physical variables (voltage, current, temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, etc.)
Input/output modules
Monitoring systems
PCB design
Software applications for Windows OS, Linux and Android OS